Training & Seminars

Dohle Marine Services Europe Sp. z o.o. works with shipping clients to develop the better performance of their officers through special training programs. The rate of change within the maritime industry has highlighted the need to recruit, retain and develop managers and leaders at all levels, and including seagoing and shore based staff. Management skills are increasingly seen as vital to safely and effectively operate merchant ships. Our services in this area include:

  1. Training arrangements in all aspects
  2. Facilitation of Trainings and Meetings
  3. Officer seminars and conferences

The Dohle Marine Services Europe Sp. z o.o. in cooperation with the Polish maritime government, local maritime universities and Polish training centers is helping to ship-owners and ship managers develop efficient training systems specific for their needs. We also arrange for seafarers to attend training courses for personal skills development in areas where additional emphasis is needed and where further specialized training is required.
As a sample:

  1. Manned model course on handling of large ships and ships with unusual maneuvering characteristics
  2. Marine high voltage course
  3. Navigation in ice

Dohle Marine Services Europe Sp. z o.o. conduct seminars regularly, inviting all Officers who are on leave to participate and view/share their experiences, as feedback from vessel is important for continuing improvement in operation of ships.

These seminars are aimed at creating a common platform for interaction as well as sharing of different perspectives from both the sailing and shore side. Most importantly they give a chance to the company to understand the challenges faced by its seafarers. The company then follows up and makes the necessary changes to benefit its sailing team. Besides discussions on occupation specific matters, these seminars are also a platform for cultural exchanges and active participation from the seafarer’s family increasing the much required brotherhood in the sailing fraternity.

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